Try it Out!

Are you thinking about returning to school or starting college for the first time?  For many non-traditional students, deciding to enter the world of academia is a comprehensive decision-making process. Where to attend school? How much will it cost? Do I have the time to study? How do I balance work and school? Will the …

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Dear Graduates . . .

People throwing up graduation caps. For some of you, you are taking your final exams and gearing up for a virtual graduation. For others, you have already experienced a virtual graduation. Let me take this time to say CONGRATULATIONS! You have truly done and experienced something no other class has experienced. You have transitioned to …

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Fuel Your Journey

The following is a guest post by Dr. Pamela Hampton-Garland and her personal journey as a former adult/non-traditional student. To watch her interview, click here. Dr. Pamela Hampton-Garland Yesterday, I had an interesting reflective day and, I went back to a song that I cried to so many times because it touched a fearful nerve …

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