Take on an Internship

As you’re preparing for the next academic year, there’s one area that many non-traditional students do not consider: taking on an internship. For valid reasons, many adult students do not consider doing internships while getting their degrees. According to the EAB, about 58% of adult students work while going to college; more than 25% are …

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Keep Your Mind Sharp

So, some of you are halfway through your summer school experience. Congratulations! However, some of your chose not to attend summer school. For many reasons, this is a great option as well. For many students, summer is the time to only focus on work. You’ve had to adjust your work schedule all year to accommodate …

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Purpose Over Time

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Bgyynh9egY Dr. Sydney Richardson at TEDx Winston-Salem Women Dear Students, As you work on your priorities over the summer and for the rest of the year, it's important to think of your why. Don't waste time doing things that do not benefit others or yourself. Have a purpose to everything. Keep moving forward and be …

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Online Study Groups

We’re in the thick of it now! Some of you may be starting online school this week, yet you’ve probably already been telecommuting and/or helping your children navigate online learning from home. But, let’s talk about you and your needs. As a non-traditional student, you may have been forced into online learning, knowing full well …

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Studying Abroad

One of the greatest things I loved seeing while working with adult students was when they would take advantage of opportunities normally seen as only being for traditional-aged students. One of those opportunities was study abroad. I worked at a college that offered some study abroad options during a winter session, so the time spent …

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Part-time or Full-time study?

In last week’s blog, I mentioned taking your time to get through school, and one way to do that is attend school part-time. At some point, adult learners become frustrated with academic life. The late night study sessions, multiple paper assignments, and the tedious group projects finally take its toll on an already busy, chaotic …

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