Before You Transfer . . .

I was sitting in my office when one of my students stormed in. She was in the last semester of her first year as an adult student and she was ready to transfer. As much as she loved her current college, another college offered a program of study that really interested. It was different from …

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Doctoral Studies Checklist

Good day everyone, This one is for my doctoral students or those considering doctoral studies. The process of selecting a school, applying to a program, and then navigating the program can be incredibly overwhelming. According to Cassuto (2013), approximately 50% of doctoral students don't finish their degrees. According to Statistics Solutions (2019), about 56% of …

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I’m Ready for College. How Do I Pay For It? *an interview with Dr. Andrea Johnson

*This article address general ways to prepare for and handle finances needed for college. According to U.S. News: Education, college tuition grew by 63% between 2008 and 2020; the average cost for in-state residents at public universities is approximately $11,260 annually ($41,426 for private). Given the rising cost of education, students and families are taking …

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Associates, Bachelor’s, or both?

I’ve worked at a small, private college, an HBCU, and community colleges. For some time, there has always been a push for students to go to a four-year college and earn their Bachelor’s degrees. Even when people earned their Associate degrees or professional degrees, there wasn’t much talk about it in the news. But, times …

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Get Involved on Campus: Yes It’s For You Too.

There are many times when I am asked by a non-traditional student, “Is there really anything for me to get involved in on campus?”  My answer has always been a resounding, “YES!” It’s very normal for adult students to walk onto a college campus and feel like a minority, surrounded by 18-22 year olds and …

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