Welcome to “The Adviser is In.”

Welcome to “The Adviser is In,” the educational blog component of R.o.K. [http://www.raeofknowledge.com]. This blog is for the non-traditional or adult student heading into college life and trying to stay sane while doing it. This blog comes from 1) fifteen years in higher education, working with adult/non-traditional students (I switch between the two terms), and 2) working with adults needing additional education as they transition careers. I have been a director, faculty member, Dean of Adult Education, and am currently Dean of College and Career Readiness. My first experience with adult students was teaching my first class and learning how to help my 74-year old student successfully progress through college, while trying to balance other aspects of life. Over time, my students have included single parents, working adults, caregivers to elderly parents, directors, entrepreneurs, and many more.

Aside from working in the traditional higher ed. field, I began coaching on the side, which led to Rae of Knowledge (R.o.K.). While I set R.o.K up to help non-profit boards become stronger and working teams move from good to great, I also increasingly got clients who were transitioning within their careers and needed educational guidance. Therefore, R.o.K. grew to encompass career transition where education was a central component.

Combing frequently asked student and client questions, experiences, challenges, and successes, I’ve crafted this blog to address the common questions I often get asked, along with need-to-know tidbits to help adult students make the most of their educational journey. Don’t forget to subscribe for your weekly blog article, and enjoy!

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